MicroTech Solutions S.A.L

What We Do

  • We provide our clients with in-depth expertise through our experts and consultants in various fields.
  • We assist our clients create and implement strategies that effectively and efficiently achieve their vision in Information Technology.
  • We assist our clients in matters related to customer processes.
  • We assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate and suitable IT and cybersecurity solutions.
  • We work with our clients through their project management and make sure that the outcome is achieved in the desired manner.

Our Methodology

Our main objective is to provide technical and cybersecurity solutions that meet our client expectation. Our novel methodology ensures that our clients’ can easily achieve their business objectives, and can be summarized in the following 4 stages:

  • Current Situation Analysis:in this stage, we assess the client’s current status in terms of technology, people, and processes. Through this assessment, we discover the challenged that we need to address in the next stage.
  • Proposed Approach: in this stage, we design and formulate the most effective strategies and roadmaps to address all the challenges discovered previously. The outcome is the roadmap to the end-goal.
  • Gap Analysis:in this stage, we analyze the gap between the current status and the desired end-goal. This stage helps identifying all the requirements, such as, tools, resources, processes, etc., that are needed to reach the final end-goal.
  • Next Steps:this stage puts the whole thing into action as we start the procurement process to implement the devised strategies.