MicroTech Solutions S.A.L

What we do

What is the status of your IT infrastructure? How digitally automated your business processes are? And how much are you assured of the security of your business information? We, at MicroTech Solutions, have a wide range of solutions and services – tailored to business needs and requirements – to make your IT infrastructure as modern, efficient, and secure as the highest status in the information technology industry is.

Our solutions and services fall under four categories:

  1. Digital Transformation and Software Integration.
  2. Cyber Security.
  3. Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure, and finally.
  4. Comprehensive IT Training.

Digital Transformation and Software Integration

The world is becoming digital, and business processes are becoming automated and renovated with digital technologies. For this reason, we, at MicroTech, endeavor to help companies make the digital transformation which will increase their market value and revenue stream. We can integrate various enterprise software technologies, along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) across your business so that you free up lots of resources. Your employees no longer will do repetitive boring tasks, but rather, engage in more creative and innovative ones.

Cyber Security

With the advent and proliferation of IoT and Cloud technologies, companies are facing a wide spectrum of cyber threats more than ever. And unless a proactive approach to threat detection and hunting is taken, critical business information becomes at the mercy of hackers. That is why we, at MicroTech, provide an end-to-end cyber security solutions that implement Defense In-Depth strategies, and cover every segment of the IT infrastructure.


Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure

Cloud services offer two tremendous benefits, minimizing overhead and increasing mobility. MicroTech helps you migrate traditional businesses services to the cloud while confidentiality, integrity and availability are assured. Furthermore, for on-premise services that cannot be migrated to the cloud, we built on-premise data center to fit the needs. The underlying IT infrastructure will always be built with the latest technologies such as, routers, switches, access points, directory servers, web servers, and SQL servers.

When you migrate traditional services to the cloud, you will free up lots of resources. Your team becomes slimmer; and the overhead of managing technologies is reduced. In addition, with cloud services, your employee can work from anywhere anytime. They will no longer be restricted to a fixed location.

Comprehensive IT Training

Because we believe that the quality of IT processes depend on the quality of your IT staff, we made sure to develop world-class specialized training workshops. Our list of trainings cover cyber security, networking, data center, cloud, mobile applications, IT management, and others. We can deliver those training on-premise at your location, and each training may take between 2 to 5 business days. Upon successfully completing a workshop, students will get an instant upgrade in their relevant skills and knowledge, enabling them to increase productivity, effectiveness and performance.

We have also made sure that our instructors are top in their fields. Each instructor has the required experience, qualifications, skills, and knowledge to deliver their specialized workshop. In addition, our instructors have been screened for their ability to teach and communicate with students.