MicroTech Solutions S.A.L

Security Across the Spectrum

How much are you assured of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business information? Do you have quantifiable measures for proactive threat detection and incident response? MicroTech is here to help you in this domain. Our cyber security services cover every phase of the security chain – protect, detect, respond, and educate.

With our cyber security services, you are able to achieve compliance with information security regulations and standards, such as ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS. Our cyber security experts are qualified and certified by reputable organizations such as EC-Council and Offensive Security.

Security Implementation Solutions

With security implementation solutions, we ensure that your networks, systems, and information are well guarded. There are a wide range of protection solutions that can be deployed across your environment; some are placed on the network perimeter while others are placed on endpoints. The idea here is to ensure high level of confidentiality and integrity of business information.

Some of the protection solutions we provide are:

Penetration Testing

After protecting your information systems, we offer additional services to proactively detect any attack surface in a manner similar to that employed by malicious hackers. We offer red team operations where test and assess the security posture of your entire organization – at the technical, personal, and physical levels. Furthermore, we offer Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment services to discover any blind spot or gaps through which hackers may enter your organization.

Our penetration testing services include, but not limited to, the following:

Incident Response and Forensics

What do you do when a cyber incident takes place in your environment? Do you panic, and do your IT team become confused as to what happened and how to remediate and recover? We are here to help you! We offer you services that establish a seamless Incident Response plan and procedure. Through it, your IT personnel follow an actionable step-by-step operation that help mitigate the risk and recover swiftly.

In addition, we offer digital forensics services to investigate any incident. Our digital forensics expert help you understand the attack chain as well as the root cause behind any incident. In this case, you are able to tell if the attack was commodity or targeted, and in case of latter, you have the evidence to go after the adversary.

Awareness Training

Do you what is the weakest point in your organization? It is not servers or databases; it is your end users. That is why hackers most often target your employees with phishing emails that contain trojans and exploits. If those employees cannot distinguish legitimate emails from phishing ones, your network will get compromised sooner or later.

For that reason, MicroTech provides your end users with security awareness sessions that aim at enhancing their instant recognition of social engineering attacks – like phishing – so that your network systems do not get infected.