MicroTech Solutions S.A.L

Incident Response Planning

Facing a security incident can be crippling, and if the IT team is not well-prepared, the incident usually results in chaos, panic, and a very slow recovery. MicroTech solves this problem by providing you with Incident Response Planning service. We develop an Incident Response plan tailored for your organization. The plan covers the major types of incidents and the procedure to effectively handle it and swiftly recover from it.

In order to reach that goal, we go with you through these phases:

  1. Prepare: we analyze your current state in terms of technology and people.
  2. Team: we build your qualified incident response team.
  3. Outline: we detail all forms of incident.
  4. Recovery: we detail all procedures of recovery.
  5. Drill: we train the team using practice tests.
  6. Communicate: we make sure the plan is communicated across your environment.

Forensics Investigation

Forensics is the practical science of uncovering the evidence of the attack and the attacker. When a cyber incident hits your organization and you managed to recover from it, forensics investigation is necessary here to uncover exactly what have happened, analyze the root cause of the incident, and provide any evidence of who the attack is.

Our forensics experts will investigate the causes and sources of the incidents using sophisticated and well-known forensics tools, such as:

  • The Slueth Kit
  • Registry Recon
  • Volatility
  • FTK Imager
  • Xplico
  • LastActivityView
  • FireEye RedLine
  • USB Historian
  • Linux ‘dd’
  • ExifTool
  • HEX Editor
  • Bulk Extractor