MicroTech Solutions S.A.L

Our Data Center Services

Data Center Rationalization

We start our Data Center implementation with an assessment of any existing facilities required for the Data Center. Such facilities could be any of the following:

  • Mechanical, such as, cooling systems.
  • Electrical, such as, UPS, generators, etc.
  • Technical, such as, computers, storage, DR, HA, etc.

In addition, we identify the ICT requirements and potential growth; this includes capacity planning for your IT resources. We will develop a strategy for rationalization of existing DC portfolio that is based on specified requirements. And finally, we develop a business case for the Data Center.

Procurement Support

After working out the rationalization of your DC, you assist you during the procurement process. For all necessary components and technology, we will do a market capability assessment, such as checking the supplier workshops. Also, we will make sure that your stakeholders and any relevant parties are engaged.

Further, in order to make sure that only proper technologies are bought, we will review any tender specification which may include technical requirements, best practices, and relevant standards. And finally once a certain supplier is approved, we will engage with them and manage their delivery.

Technical Design Reviews

MTS data center experts will always assist you in reviewing the technical design of your DC. Our design review makes sure that your design is modular to increase its operational and energy efficiency. In addition, we make sure that the design takes into consideration physical security and resiliency.

Moreover, our review includes checking that your DC will be compliant with different standards, such as ISO EN50600 and ISO 27001, and different best practices, such as EU CoC and UptimeInstitute.

Finally, we will assess the efficiency and redundancy of the DC power path and cooling technology. For example, the cooling system has to be reliable to include free air cooling, DX or liquid cooling.

Data Center Project Management

During the commissioning of the DC project, we develop the work program which includes the identification of work packages to help consolidate various facilities including:

  • Transitional arrangements planning based on existing data center provisions.
  • Skill needs assessment and training.
  • Workload consolidation feasibility and requirements analysis.
  • Data center design, implementation, commissioning, and operation.

Furthermore, we also provide resource and allocation and management, and we can plan different shared digital services.


We provide the following Data Center training:

  • DC operation and management
    • Mechanical (Cooling technologies and best practices)
    • Electrical (UPS, Gen sets, PDU, etc.)
    • IT (virtualization, containerization, bare metal, etc.)
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Best practices (e.g. EU Code of Conduct, EN50600, etc.)
    • IT Energy Efficiency (e.g. utilization, refresh, workload consolidation, etc.)
  • Policy and legislations
    • Relevant policies and legislations (e.g. environmental impact, security, etc.)