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Cyber Security

MicroTech provides you with end-to-end cyber security solutions covering Protection mechanisms, Detection services, Response & Forensics, and Training.

Digital Transformation & Software Integration

We offer you complete solution development including requirements gathering, software development, security and quality assurance.

Cloud & Data Center Infrastructure

MicroTech solutions offers you products and services to build your IT infrastructure, our experts built efficient data centers across the globe.

Comprehensive IT Training

MicroTech delivers sophisticated training workshops for IT professionals. We have a large list of well-developed up-to-date courses.

Our Cyber Security Approach


Our protection solutions include secure architecture and design with next generation firewalls and endpoint protection platforms.


We offer external and internal network penetration testing to uncover any security weakness and spot any blind gaps in your systems.


What would you do in case of a breach? We assist you by building a sophisticated incident response plan, and performing any necessary digital forensics.


We raise the awareness of your end users on how to be resilient to social engineering tricks, like phishing and shoulder surfing. 

Digital Transformation


With digital transformation, your business processes become automated. And this will free up many of your resources; you will save a lot of time, reduce costs, and engage your employees in more productive tasks.


As the world is becoming more connected, many employees prefer to work from non-fixed locations. Digital transformation enables your workers to be productive anywhere and anytime.


Only through digital transformation does compliance with regulations become an easily achievable goal. Whether in governmental, healthcare, or financial sectors, your business becomes compliant with standards in no time.

Your Trusted IT Solutions Provider

Established in Lebanon, operating in the MEA region, MicroTech Solutions (MTS) is an Information Technology (IT) Solution provider, providing Software, Information, Security and Communication Technology Solutions. MTS is led by a team of experts in technology, education, and business law and ethics. Our team spent decades in top tier organizations like Google and Microsoft and delivered solutions to top organizations in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

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